Turning the Season Around: Aric Almirola’s Win at New Hampshire Motor Speedway

There’s a life lesson to be learned from Aric Almirola and his win this weekend. Entering an already difficult race that was affected by rain delays, 27th in points and in need of a win to turn his season and career around, Aric pulled it off. In fact, he astonished everyone.

Almirola exhibited for his team, his family, NASCAR and its fans exactly what he was capable of out there on July 18th at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. His performance was more than impressive, especially given the conditions.

The Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 is Aric’s third Cup win of his career and has broken his bad-luck streak that dates back to 2018 at his last win in Talladega. Almirola stated post-race that he felt at the start of the day that he could take the checkered flag. His gut feelings were right, but it also proves that positivity, confidence and a clear head makes all the difference.

In a recent article from CBS Sports, Aric states, "This is by far one of my favorite racetracks. I love coming up to the New England area and racing, I love this racetrack. I had this race won a couple years ago, and I gave it away – I lost it," Almirola told NBC Sports. "And I am so glad to win a race here with this race team. God is so good, man. We've been through so much, and I've just stood the test and kept the faith. The team, everybody, they've just been working so hard.”

Aric’s speech in Victory Lane was inspiring. He continued, “And it is no doubt we have struggled. But guess what? We're going Playoff racing!"

That’s right. He’s off to the NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs. In YAHOO! News, an article shares the content during the exciting laps coming from Aric’s spotter, Joel Edmonds, who made sure he knew exactly how important this race win was for him and the team. Brad Keselowski had undercut Almirola and Penske teammate Ryan Blaney to take the lead, but the No. 10 car was inching back towards the front with his entire season and possibly his career on the line. That’s when he heard the following phrases come over his head set:

"Win at all costs."

"For all the marbles right here."

"He's in your crosshairs now."

How would you handle pressure like that? After a rain delay that pushed the race into a fight against dusk, the drivers knew that NASCAR could shorten the race at any time. NASCAR reserves the right at any time to tell drivers that there would be only 10 laps left. That’s what made this stunning sunset finish even sweeter.

Cup Series drivers will have two weeks off before the final stretch at Watkins Glen on August 8. We’ll be anxiously awaiting the next race in this exciting season!

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