Prototype To Production: The journey to a new and innovative motorsports experience

A prototype is a first - a typical or preliminary model of something, especially in technology. A prototype is an early sample, model, or release of a product (or in this case, a website) built to test a concept or process. It is generally used to evaluate a new design to enhance precision by system analysts and users.

A prototype is exactly what we have been working with over the course of this year at Stock Car Fan Nation. Now, it’s time to fuel your passion with a whole new interactive experience.

Stock Car Fan Nation is the premier motorsports fan and brand engagement platform on the web. The company uses proprietary technology to engage motorsports fans with influencers and corporate brands. SCFN creates an innovative and game-changing ecosystem within the racing community.

We released our SCFN Clubhouse early in 2021 and welcomed hundreds of new members, who joined SCFN to interact with pro drivers, who also joined us on our site. Now, as we grow and move forward, we will enhance the entire platform to deliver the best interactions on the social media site for drivers and fans alike. We will officially move from a status of prototype to production.

The new production site will be a brand-new introduction to interact with motorsports pros within The SCFN Clubhouse. Drivers will host channels with live stream videos, photo posts and updates from races and other parts of their lives. Fans will continue to be able to join a driver ‘team’ virtually and help them raise sponsorships through activity and shopping on the e-commerce site. That portion of SCFN, The Champion’s Marketplace, will have an entirely new look and feel to the shopping experience.

Currently, we encourage visitors to to sign-up with their email for alerts regarding the new site. While there, fans can read the latest news on our blog – like this one. We will be hosting special giveaways and entry into a running contest that will feature an amazingly, exclusive grand prize to be announced when the new website is launched.

Be sure to stay tuned right here for updates regarding our new SCFN Clubhouse, as well as The Champion’s Marketplace site. Both are in development now and their official launch will be announced later this year.

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About SCFN: As the connection point for all things racing – we are creating and advancing our community of fans, drivers, teams, and sponsors through engagement – so together, we all will thrive. The goal of SCFN, through the NASCAR Fan community is to solve the problems facing NASCAR’s short tracks as well as give NASCAR fans what they are currently seeking from the sport. SCFN is creating a win, win, win for fans, drivers/teams and brands.

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